Georgian itinerary

You have already packed your bags, bought a flight ticket and got your accommodation, but is this enough to have the trip of your lifetime? – of course not.
In Georgia, you can always get tips from locals while you are here,  about where to go and what to see, but planning ahead has never did any harm to travelers.

This post is about how to spend unforgettable time in Georgia in any time of the year.
So, this is the ultimate guide about Georgian itinerary.

There are different places you can enjoy on day-trips from Tbilisi, not an obligation to stay there for couple of days if you don’t really want to, because in most of them, you will see what’s good in one day.

Jvari Monastery on the top of the hill

For example, Mtskheta (M-‘ts’-‘kh’-e-t-a) city is one of the most popular sights nearest to Tbilisi. It is approximately 30-35 minutes drive from Tbilisi center. There you can see UNESCO heritage sights, such as Svetitskhoveli(S-v-e-t-i-‘ts’-‘kh’-o-v-e-l-i, meaning: Life-giving Pillar), and Jvari(J-v-a-r-i, meaning: a Cross) monastery. Both of them are historically important sights and plus, Mtskheta city will conquer your heart with its spirit and beauty.

IMG_0744 (Large)
Uplistsikhe caves


This trip will take only a half of your day, so you will have time to visit other beautiful spots nearby, such as Uplistsikhe (U-p-l-i-s-‘ts’-i-‘kh’-e, meaning: The Lord’s Castle), it is a rock-town near the city Gori,amazing chance to have flashbacks of the ancient past of Georgia. Gori itself, is also very popular tourists destination, it is a place where the ruler of the Soviet Union, Stalin was born and raised(yes, he was Georgian).





Sighnaghi city architecture

Another place for a day-tour is Kakheti region– known for its traditions of wine-making, so once you are in Georgia, you HAVE TO visit that region, but not the whole territory, there are couple of places worth seeing:


Sighnaghi(S-i-‘gh’-n-a-‘gh’-i) city, Bodbe(B-o-d-b-e) Monastery, Kvareli
(K-v-a-r-e-l-i) lake, Telavi(T-e-l-a-v-i) Kingdom, Gremi(G-r-e-m-i) church..all these you can manage in one day, but if you have time to overnight there, don’t hesitate, you will not regret waking up and seeing beautiful Alazani Valley and gorgeous Caucasian Mountains.

Kvareli Lake

As for the wineries, they are located everywhere in Kakheti, once you see the sign ”Wine rout” on the highway and follow that road, it will lead you to the winery, wine factory or a cellar. If you want to have a look at a family cellar, search them in Sighnaghi city, they will meet you with a great honor and make you feel like you are their very special guest.


Let’s move on to the mountains. What comes in mind first, when we think about mountains in Georgia? Svaneti, Kazbegi, Tusheti, Khevsureti… because they will never leave your minds once you see their nature! Georgia has spectacular mountain-range areas and villages where the untouched nature amazes you, but if you have a short trip to Georgia, go to Gudauri-Kazbegi tour, you can manage it in one day, but staying overnight will totally change your emotions about Georgia.

Gudauri in the winter


You have to start your journey to Kazbegi from Tbilisi, to the direction of Georgian military road. Stepantsminda(S-t-e-p-a-n-‘ts’-m-i-n-d-a) is our final destination where we will see Kazbegi mountain and Gergeti church, but on the way, there are other spots you have to stop by and see.
First stop is by the Jinvali(‘zh’-i-n-v-a-l-i) water reservoir, giving spectacular views of crystal clear water filled by the river Aragvi. you will reach Jinvali in 1 hour drive from Tbilisi.
Next stop is Ananuri fortress,after Jinvali, you will reach it in 10-15 minutes. Ananuri is a castle complex on the Aragvi river, dates 13th century. The fortress remained in use until the beginning of the 19th century. In 2007, the complex has been on the tentative list for inclusion into the UNESCO World Heritage Site program.
You will continue the road and after 1 more hour, you will reach a ski resort Gudauri (G-u-d-a-u-r-i). Depending on the season, you might(December, January, February, March, sometimes even until the middle of April) or might not (the rest of the year, end of spring, summer, autumn) see snow there. There you can see a Friendship Wall,

Friendsip Wall in Gudauri

which is giving unbelievable impressions and views of huge mountains surrounding the place, and if it’s snow season, you can also try skiing, or just have a ride by a aerial lifts.
After Gudauri, you will reach Kazbegi, Stepantsminda. Note, that by whatever type of transport you have gone there, you might still need a special 4X4 car, standing in the center of the village, driven by locals. They are masters of that road, so how great your driver migh

Gergeti Church in Kazbegi

t be, it’s better to use that special car with a local driver. The road is crazy there, so my friendly advise is do not eat before going up there 🙂 While being up on the mountain, do not miss the Glacier, which stands gorgeously in front of Gergeti church. If you see it clearly, you are very lucky, because it is usually covered in huge mist and can not be seen clearly until it’s peak of summer, when the weather is perfect for Kazbegi.

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