Georgian Itinerary 3 (Kutaisi)

Why travel to Georgia?

800px-Kutaisi_-_Springbrunnen_vor_der_Oper.JPGThis post is the 3rd part of my previous discussions about Georgian itinerary 1 and 2. In this part, I will give you information about Georgia’s third largest cities, Kutaisi.

Kutaisi is the capital of western region Imereti, located 221 kilometres (137 miles) from Tbilisi. Archaeological evidences found in Kutaisi, indicates that the city functioned as the capital of the kingdom of Colchis(kolkhs) in the sixth to fifth centuries BC.

Kutaisi has an ancient cultural and historical meaning to Georgia.

Here is a list of the cultural centers in Kutaisi.

Museums and other cultural institutions:

1. Kutaisi State Historical Museum
2. Kutaisi Museum of Sport
3. Kutaisi Museum of Martial Art
4. Museum of Zakaria Paliashvili
5. Kutaisi State Historical Archive
6. Kutaisi State Scientific-Universal Library
7. David Kakabadze Fine Art Gallery
8. Art Salon
9. Akaki Tsereteli State University

Main sights in/near Kutaisi

Bagrati Church, UNESCO World Heritage Site

The 11th-century Bagrati Cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, built by Bagrat III, king of Georgia, in the early 11th century. The Bagrati Cathedral, and the Gelati Monastery a few km east of the city, are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. One of the famous churches in Georgia is Motsameta Church.  It is named after two saints, brothers David and Constantine. They were the Dukes of Margveti, and were marty

red by Arab invaders in the 8th century. Besides the churches, there are many interesting places near Kutaisi, such as:  Geguti Palace, which was one of the residences of Georgian monarchs; “Okros Chardakhi” – Georgian Kings’ Palace; and the Pantheon, where many notable citizens are buried.

Besides that, there is Sataplia where one can observe footprints of dinosaurs, and Prometheus cave.

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