Useful Georgian Phrases For Travelers


Once you decide to visit Georgia, you will have to study or at least understand couple of essential phrases that Georgians commonly use in their everyday lives. There might be many different kind of information, that you ought to know before coming to Georgia, but in this post, let’s stick on useful phrases.

 tip: In Georgian language, the best thing is that you pronounce the word as you write it. You read, and then pronounce it as it is written, just like that.😊 

Let’s start our lesson about Georgian useful phrases.
As you meet a person for the first time or someone you already know,  greet them in Georgian, they will be so surprised and happy at the same time to hear ‘Gamarjoba!‘ from you . It’s a general meeting phrase, used during formal/informal conversation.

When introducing yourself, say: ‘Me mkvia (your name)‘, translated as: my name is …. you can say your full name, or only your first name.

Did you know that Georgians doesn’t call their country -Georgia? It’s ‘Sakartvelo‘, and Georgians are ‘Katveli‘.
When some Georgian is telling you something in the way you can not understand, you can say: ‘Ar mesmis‘, that means you didn’t understand what they just said.

When you agree with something, you say: ‘Ki‘ or ‘Diakh‘ (yes), ki is more informal, diakh is formal. When you deny something, or don’t agree, you say: ‘Ara‘ (no).

To express that you like something, you say: ‘Momtsons‘, or ‘Ar momtsons‘- if you don’t like.

When you want something, you say : ‘Minda!‘, meaning- I want this/I’m taking it. You can use this word while shopping, as well as drinking (Minda another shot!)🙌, or if you do not want something, you say: ‘Ar minda‘.

‘K a r t u l i’ – Georgian

When you are grateful for something, you say: ‘Madloba’ or ‘Didi madloba‘, meaning ‘thanks’ or ‘thank you very much’.

When you did something wrong and want to apologize, you say: ‘Bodishi‘, means: ‘I’m sorry’. You can also use this word as an excuse, like: Excuse me, are you Georgian?- Bodishi, shen(you) Kartveli(Georgian) khar(are, Auxiliary verb)?

When you’re in a restaurant or club and want to ask someone to dance with you, you say: ‘Vitsekvot ?‘, if the answer is – no, you better don’t ask them again.

When you are in trouble and need help, you say: ‘Mishvelet!’, this way you ask for help. If you are in serious trouble, you call 112 (It’s our 911).

Gaetrie‘ or ‘Tsadi‘ is a word for ‘leave me alone’ or ‘go away’. If someone is bothering you, avoid them with these words. It’s like an insult, an informal appeal, but if you are angry, you can use it, but not with friends.

When you haven’t seen someone for a long time and you miss them, you say: ‘Momenatre‘.

And the last one: if you suddenly fall in love with a Georgian girl/boy, tell them: ‘Mikvarxar‘, this means ‘I love you’. ❤ and saying that you love something/someone (to the third person) : ‘Mikvars‘, for example, Me(I) mikvars(love) Sakartvelo(Georgia).


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